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Everybody knows someone who would love a naughty medieval story for Christmas. For the person who’s into badgers, bears, bad language and beautiful images,‘Reynard the Fox’ offers the perfect alternative on Christmas Day to watching the Queen and Doctor Who. In a signed limited edition of 100 it’s a gift they will cherish forever.

And here’s where you can buy it (with a personalised message from the authors, if you like that sort of thing) for just £50.00 including p&p……/reynard-…/11193376

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‘Reynard. He’s a great guy. They say he’s bad, bad, bad. But I know different,’ Donald Trump

‘Reynard the Fox is a British treasure,’ Nigel Farage

‘Hey, he leads an interesting life!’  Bugs Bunny


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Now published and selling fast in a limited edition of 100, price £65.00.

These new illustrations of the trickster beast by Michael Woods are based on extracts from the Twelfth Century Old French, ‘Roman de Renart’.

Illustrated by Michael Woods.
Text by Robert St Cloud.

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At his studio in Maupertuis, Reynard has been changing the history of art through a combination of scatology, cruelty and hanky pankyism. By allowing himself total freedom to reconstruct the world in which he finds himself as a continuous joke, he asks serious questions such as: What do bears do in the woods? Should we eat chicken? And are nuns to be trusted with your genitals?

In the words of his friend the art critic, Grimbert the Badger, “Reynard takes self-absorption to point where he becomes, like Orpheus, locked in a hopeless struggle to turn his back on the history of art by un-remembering.”

Reynard will appear for one night only. His performance will take the form of a confession and he will accompany himself on the hurdy gurdy.

Tricksterville Publishing

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Tricksterville Publishing: seeking out the trickster.

Illustrator Michael Woods and author Robert St Cloud introduce Reynard the Fox, their first collaboration exploring the timely relevance of the trickster.

Tricksters are found at frontiers. They hang around doorways, crossroads, borders.
And their shiftiness and slipperiness allow them to move easily between different worlds. This gives them their unique character of the mischief-making outsider.
The trickster exploits the uncertainty of frontiers by crossing the threshold and exposing lies on either side. In the words of Lewis Hyde (in ‘Trickster Makes This World’) “They’re all the same, these tricksters; they have no shame and so they have no silence.”

Reynard the Fox contains extreme sex and violence featuring strong language, cruelty
to animals and gore, exposing the hypocrisies of the Trickster in their world and ours. and the pivotal role they play in changing the way we live.

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